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Professional Organizer for Home and Office

Tired and Stressed?

stresses of being disorganized
Wouldn’t it be great if you could find anything in your home or office within a minute or two?
Would you like to have a system in place that keeps things handy and where they belong?
Would you like help in deciding what to keep, throw away, or donate?


Decently and In Order would like to help you, if you are ready to organize your home or office – or just one room or one area (the one that really bothers you).  We can guide you through the process and design a system that works well for you and how you like to do things.  Our commitment is not “once and done” but ongoing to keep your stuff in order.  Decently and In Order is insured and a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada.


Everyone wants to get the best price for their home.  Decently and In Order would like to help declutter your home for showings.  Let your potential buyers envision themselves living in your home – show them how much space there is for their furniture and belongings.  Reduce the amount of stuff to move and be ready to unpack – already organized – in your new home.

Working from home?

Your office or your workshop should be a space that allows you to do what you do best.  Let’s sort out those files, parts, and tools so that working is easier – what you need is at your fingertips.  Display your professionalism in your organized workspace.

Lillian Zijlstra- Professional Organizer

Lillian Zijlstra- Professional Organizer


Let me introduce myself, My name is Lillian Zijlstra, owner of Decently and In Order.

I have been a natural organizer all my life.  Making order out of chaos has been a very fulfilling and appreciated activity time and time again.  Sorting things and finding better homes for them has been a passion for me – to make life easier for all concerned.  I really love it when someone can walk into a room and find what they are looking for within a minute – even if that person has not been involved in organizing the material in that space!  I believe that, if you cannot find what you are looking for in your space, your space is not properly organized FOR YOU.  Permit me the privilege of helping you sort out and simplify your stuff for the way you think and live.


Looking for a speaker for your next event?  Lillian is available to speak to your group about decluttering and professional organizing.

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